msn shows
24th Sep. 2005(thu)@ hatsudai The Doors
tutinoko label presents
OPEN 18:00@START 18:30 adv. \2,800@door \3,000

w/.Pochakaite Malko , le*silo

msn news
2ndALBUM released from Cuneiform Records
LEAP SECOND NEUTRAL (cuneiform records RUNE-210)

solid box/texas/normal

guest musician:Matsue Jun(guitar),Takahashi Yuko(percussion)
2nd ALBUM Review
Sea Of Tranquility, intuitive music, ARTIST direct, Splendid Magazine
Tiny Mix Tapes, Il Popolo del Blues, Somnambule, The Scene Online
FUNHOUSE blog, LEONARDO on-line, aural inovations,
progwereld(dutch), arlequins(italian), agartha(italian), Il Popolo del Blues(italian)
babyblaue(german), Ragazzi(german), La Caja de Música(spanish)
intuitive music(spanish), laboratorio pop(portuguese)
1st ALBUM Review
Sea of Tranquility,EXPOSE Here is copy,also on some MAGAZINES
MSN Interview is on NUCLEUS Here!
MSN ALBUM is available on wayside music, ReR Megacorp
MSN is On Philadelphia Radio gagliarchives
you can find MSN in MySpace

related shows
Suzuki Hiroyuki
27th Aug. 2005(sat)@ ekota flying teapot
OPEN 18:30@START 19:00 @door \1,500
w/.o'laluche,okuretekita seinen

related news
MATSUE JUN release 2nd ALBUM in April
go getter (adamski recordingsADAM-003)

musician:Matsue Jun(guitar,vo,bass),Sudoh Toshiaki(drums,bass)
Matsushita Atsushi(drums),Sekine Aya(keys),Minagawa Makoto(keys)