machine & the synergetic nuts profile

At the end of '97, Noriya (from Bic E) and Sudoh, who has left Melt Banana, got together to restart the band that they used to play together. Then Mahi-mahi joined, who is the sax player of Delusion Valley from Osaka, it turned out to be the beginning of a new born band. They have started working on the production of a demo tape whenever Mahi-mahi came to Tokyo for his shows for Delusion Valley or Shincho 2m, sparing separate time for the recording. After almost 6 months of time in June '98, the demo tape has been completed and the name of the band has been renamed as Machine & the Synergetic Nuts, which time was the true start for the band. In November of the same year, the band had performed it's first show with Hiroyuki Suzuki who has joined the band as a bass player, which format continues to be that of the band's till present. In May '00, the the band completed the first demo tape with this formation.

Masahide "mahi-mahi" Hasegawa (sax)
Leading Delusion Valley, unique group from Osaka and also performing with various bands such as Menbous, Shincho 2m, Honey & The Costume, Dr. Tosh & Love J, Moshroom, and Children Coup d'Etat and many more. With Moshroom (participating as bass player), has released a full album. Has participated (and as an organizer for once) number of times in John Zorn's Cobra when they performed at Tokyo or Osaka. His career is also acknowledged within the scene of improvised music.

Sudoh,Toshiaki (ds)
From '92 to '97, has left 2 albums as drummer for Melt Banana and has collaborated with Elliot Sharp, Zeena Parkins, Jim O'rourke, Yoshihide Otomo, Ruins and Merzbow, co-played with Mr. Bangle, Shellac, and Koichi Makigami and many more. In '97, after leaving Melt Banana, has been performing actively in various sessions such as Thermo, 2 piece unit of himself and Yui Kimijima from Gaji, performed in Jim O'rourke Band in Japan in '99, joined recording session of Quruli and much more.

Suzuki,Hiroyuki (bass)
Has grouped Open Chord after performing with Carta, influential band among techno scene in Yokohama. Also, performing as solo. Participating as guitar player and as bass player in various sessions and at the same time working on lyrics, composition, and production of game music and CF music. In '99, participated in the session with Charles Hayward of ex -This Heat and has received high acknowledgement as a musician from him.

Noriya Iwata (keys)
After performing with Fiddle 2, the former band of msn, participated in Bic E and Fly as Pie. Currently also playing together with Onotetsu of Harpy as a unit called Hammond Brothers. As a main composer of msn, he states his concept of the composition as ""Exclusion of image connotation, construction of sound itself and constant trial to realize sound to be a material with weight."